Monday, January 14, 2008

MacWorld Keynote Bingo

This year, as last, there will be MacWorld keynote Bingo. Simply study this Bingo card and go to the Ars Technica web site for explanation:

You will also be able to download a PDF of the Bingo Card so you can play along at home!

Here is this list what you will be looking for to check off your Bingo squares:

New Mac Pro - A new Mac Pro. Though new Mac Pros have already been announced, you may still mark this square if the new Mac Pros are mentioned in tomorrow's keynote.
New displays - New Apple external displays.
HD video somewhere - High-definition video appears on some piece of Apple hardware or software. It must be explicitly described as "HD" or "high-definition." HD video for sale in the iTunes store counts.
MacBook Thin - A new subnotebook from Apple, regardless of its actual branding or product name. What's a subnotebook? Use your own judgement. The only restriction is that to be a MacBook it must have a hardware keyboard.
New MacBook Pro - Any revision to the MacBook Pro product line.
Multi-touch Mac - Any Mac with a feature described as "multi-touch" or even just "touch." It can be a screen, trackpad, whatever.
"Wouldn't it be great...?" - Steve Jobs begins with his favorite rhetorical question.
MacBook Thin has flash - The subnotebook (described in the "MacBook Thin" square above) contains some nontrivial amount of flash RAM.
"One more thing..." - Steve Jobs says there's "one more thing." A slide containing the phrase is also acceptable, even if Jobs does not actually say it.
New Apple TV - The moribund Apple TV is revised or replaced with a new product that does the same sort of thing.
Movie Rentals - Apple rents downloadable movies from the iTunes store.
"Boom" - Steve Jobs says the word "boom" during keynote.
Existence of Xserve acknowledged - The Xserve or Xserve RAID is mentioned by a presenter, listed on a slide, or even just appears in a photo, illustration, or screenshot.
Blu-ray - Sony's Blu-ray disc format is mentioned by a presenter. (Text or a logo on a slide does not count.)
iPhone SDK details - Significant new information about the iPhone SDK.
New displays have cameras - New Apple displays with built-in or otherwise attached cameras.
New iPhone - New iPhone hardware. Even minor revisions count.
Mac market share touted - Good news about the market share of Macintosh computers is presented.
Optical drive sold separately - An Apple-branded external optical drive is introduced and is available for individual sale.
Schiller - Phil Schiller appears on stage or in live video. (Pre-recorded segments do not count.)
Leopard vs. Vista - Mac OS X 10.5 is compared to Vista in some way. Showing one of the Mac/PC TV ads does not count. The comparison must be part of the live presentation.
Dockable Mac - Some hardware product that runs Mac OS X docks to some other piece of hardware.
Native third-party iPhone app demo - A demonstration of an OS X application written by a third-party, or written by Apple as an example of what could be written using the new iPhone SDK.
No new displays - No new Apple external display products are introduced. (Rioting optional.)

One of the funniest wished for announcements was Steve Jobs to launch a Gen 3 Newton. Now that would be a huge surprise to all those predicting new Apple products.

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