Tuesday, January 1, 2008

iPhone Clone?

The LG Voyager from Verizon is being pitched as a iPhone clone and a new generation of cell phone with a friendly user interface.

All this phone design proves is that the cell phone industry still doesn't get it!

The Voyager is simply a clam shell phone with an awkward tiny keyboard and the same old poorly implemented user interface. The only difference is that on the outside (the superficial cover) they put a bunch of icons (copied to look almost exactly like AppleiPhone icons) and called them "shortcuts."

I can only imagine the conversations between executives from Verizon and LG must have had to come to this handset. Certainly it was a discussion void of anyone who knows interface design or software engineering. These are guys in suits who'd rather look at a column of numbers than a Roman doric column.

V: "Yeah, what's this iPhone all about? Why is it such a big deal?"

LG: "Apparently people want icons on the cover of their cell phones."

V: "Icons?"

LG: "Yeah cute little colorful boxes to point at with their finger."

V: " Can't we make a handset for Verizon with icons on the cover? And I especially like the little calendar one with the read strip and big black numbers..."

LG: "You bet chief, we'll get out design and engineering department on it immediately."

How stupid does Verizon and LG think we are?

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neil said...

Looks good.. but I doubt that it will be that reliable.. anyone can get rid of that antenna..

dsi r4