Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Hour of Steve has Arrived

They've come from all over the world, waitied all night and now, ladies and gentlement, at 9:00am PST it is the hour of Steve...

Karen Swisher and iJustine and their MacWorld sleepover.

A reporter for Valleywag, Jordon Golson left the Ars Technica party early last night and decided to stop down at Moscone and see who was waiting online. To his complete surprise after 9:00pm he spotted Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience for Google. The Google VP was waiting on the sidewalk to get a ticket for Steve Job's keynote address this morning. Apple is very lucky to have the innovative support of the programmers at Google and for that they get to sit on the sidewalk.

Apparently 40 to 50 Google employees go down to Moscone and wait on line to make sure Google gets prime seats for the keynote. Golson also found Chrix Finne, Associate Product Manager for Google Reader; Nick Baum, Associate Product Manager for Android; David Murray, Associate Product Manager for Gmail; Fernando Delgado, Associate Product Manager for Search Quality dressed in fleece ready for the all-nighter.

When Golson asked why were they waiting in line so early? They answered, "The man gives a great presentation. Hopefully we can learn something."

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