Friday, January 4, 2008

Apple Keynotes a Look Back

In this clip from the 1990 MacWorld Keynote, former Pepsi CEO John Scully tries to rally the troops for the Apple computers. Notice how perplexed Scully seems to be about what a computer really does...

The 1990 MacWorld keynote clip is not full length (5:55 running time) however, it feels like you are watching paint dry. During demonstrations, they cannot seem to get the Mac to work as they wish for the demonstrations. NOTE: The modified mullet and triple-wide kakis worn by the Apple programmer who explains cad workstation software and totally perplexes Sculley who stands mouth-agape.

Then, in 1997 Steve Jobs returns to heading Apple and delivers the "Bondi-blue" iMac and the Jobs-style MacWorld Keynote for which there is no rival in any industry. The contrast between these two keynote addresses is hilariously high-arch. NOTE: It is not without irony that the movie chosen is Wizard of Oz and the scene where Dorothy opens to door after the turmoil of being lifted by the twister out of Kansas into the wonderful land of Oz. Although Jobs appears casual, these keynotes are highly scripted and rehearsed with great attention paid to every detail include the choice of movie clips.

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