Thursday, January 3, 2008

Docking Station for Mac Portable

Digging through past patent records, Apple made application a few years ago, July 3, 2006 to be exact, for a docking station that would hold and ultra-thin portable Macintosh. In stories being reported around the web today from the London Times, Financial Times to MacDailyNews, this illustration portends the announcement on January 15th of a new Apple subnotebook.

US Patent Office # 20080002350

On another page, a newbie poster to the Mac Rumor forums claims to have a photo of the ultra-thin laptop being developed at Apple. The photo is actually hilarious to look at and looks like a comic satire of Apple design with its large track pad and fat click pad spanning the front of the keyboard.

Obviously, this is a poor photoshop job by an amateur but still very funny to see. One amusing aspect of the run up to MacWorld is obviously unintelligent attempts to mock up phony Apple products and claim they are leaked out from inside Apple.

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