Wednesday, January 9, 2008

iPhone, let's get serious now...

There is bluzz all in the air about Apple announcements and what products they will be improving. Yesterday, at CES in Los Angeles, Apple announced hardware upgrades to it Xserve and Mac Pro lines. Why not wait until MWSF next week?

As close as I can figure Apple will have so much to unveil and wow their Moscone audience with that small items like speed increases to their servers and Mac Pro's just aren't exciting enough to make it into Job's keynote on Tuesday the 15th.

But too many of the Mac web sites have set their sights low and have salivated over tiny incremental improvements came out with the firmware 1.1.3 leak. My thought, "You got to be kidding me, multiple SMS messaging, a customized home page, and Locate Me in Google Maps is nothing to boast about nor fill the hour of Steve."

Posted on Wikipedia is an alleged outline of Job's 2008 Keynote. This is a joke and a poor attempt at imitation.

There is no mention in here of any of the new products being widely discussed like a touch screen MacTablet, 3G iPhones, iTunes with movie rentals, or improved features to the iPhone operating system like copy and paste or the quasi-GPS in Google maps. The outline would make Jobs sound like he'd taken Quaaludes and had given up on the whole notion of Apple being an innovator in mobile computing, laptops and music/entertainment. But we know it is not in Jobs character to give up on innovation.

Here is a wish list of absolute essential iPhone improvements we'd like to see announced at MacWorld next Tuesday:

• syncing calendars and contacts to .Mac on the fly without docking
• text selection across the operating environment
• ability to use the landscape-oriented keyboard in applications like Mail other than Safari
• copy and paste in all apps
• search capabilities
• multiple selection
• move photos from Mail to the Photos app,
• e-mail multiple pictures at once
• add spam filtering to Mail
• provide a way to delete a bunch of Mail messages
• create To Do lists on the iPhone
• retrieve them from iCal
• improve iPhone connectivity directly to .Mac groups, tech support boards and calendar

Wish List for MWSF that we likely will NOT see happen next week:

• iPhone is officially unlocked or Apple will sell unlocked version
• iPhone gets Java and Flash
• iPhone camera can record video and be used with iChat
• iPhone can play video and slideshows to TV/s-video devices
• iPhone gets 32 GB and 64 GB flash storage models

WIRED magazines excellent Untold Story article* on the development of the iPhone just underlines the incredible hurdles Apple had to jump over the break the rules of convention and change an entire industry. The article also explains why huge compromises often have to be made with Gen One products like using Edge as opposed to 3G and make exclusive agreements or backing out of them when trying to get established in the marketplace.

However, now that Apple has established itself firmly as a leader in wireless hardware devices, it is time to get serious and make an iPhone 2.0 tailored more to the needs of its consumers than the needs of contracts, lawyers, and inter-corporate relations.

* copy this text and paste it into your browser (if you are not on a Gen One iPhone without copy/paste):

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