Thursday, December 17, 2009

iVideocamera Brings Video to non-3GS iPhones

For a long time we've known that the iPhone 2 and 3G were certainly capable of recording video. Jailbroke iPhones have had, through a software app, been able to record video but now Apople has approved iVideocamera for the App Store.

Some of the limitations on this app are bewildering. For instance, the frame rate is low and you are severely limited by not being able to record more than a minute at a time. The price for iVideocamera is .99.

I would add the caveat that this is a severely impaired application and that one might be better served by installing Qik on the 3G iPhone and/or iVidCam (version 2.0) ($.99). iVidCam looks like the best option for 2G and 3G iPhone users at this time because the screen res is higher and it can record unlimited sized clips (depending on space available on your phone).


Holy said...

I have just cam et o know that Apple has much more commitment to the iPhone than the iPod. Phones are crucial devices in our lives. Moreover, the mobile platform is still very new and admittedly, still needs a lot of attention.

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Santos Silva Mitchell said...

The 3GS iPhone has some incredible video editing software written for it (see entry above). The entire iPhone ecosystem of small independent programmers who are writing apps for the iPhone makes that device very dynamic while the iPod seems more staid. As for a MP3/music player the iPod is still unsurpassed and if that's all a person wants its great. The iPhone as you said is a "critical device in our lives" and mobile computing, email, communications, information gathering, social networking seems to be headed in the direction the iPhone.